Solar Battery Storage

One of the biggest roadblocks for people considering solar power is this: “My family isn’t at home during the day. Why should I get solar power when the majority of my power use happens at night?” The answer is simple! Energy storage with smart batteries in your home allows you to store energy that your solar energy system produces during the day for use at night. It lets you harness the sun’s rays to provide you with the energy that you need at all hours

Your solar power system might be producing a good amount of energy but don’t let that excess energy go to waste. While some people might be able to sell it back or transfer it back in the grid, a wiser idea is to get a solar battery and have it store the energy you produce. With these solar batteries, you can easily ensure that your home is powered throughout the day and night.

Rechargeable solar batteries store the ‘excess’ electricity generated from a panel array, boosting energy capacity and making power available for use at night time or on cloudy days.

Recent design improvements and price drops in lithium-ion batteries have made solar storage more viable than ever before.

At the 2015 UN Climate Conference, members of the global community pledged to keep the global temperature from rising more than two degrees Celsius in the 21st century. An important part of reaching this goal is decarbonizing the energy sector by 2050. Storing energy in our homes is one of the best ways to help achieve that goal!

Remember, you can make a difference. By increasing your use of solar energy, one of the most environmentally friendly ways to source your power, you’re doing your part to help the world keep its promise.

One of solar power’s greatest strengths is that it’s a 100% renewable source of energy. Adding a battery to your solar energy system allows you to consume 100% renewable energy, and renewable energy is an inexhaustible supply. Unlike conventional energy, solar power has the potential to support our children, our children’s children, and so on, without running out.

By storing and using renewable energy, you’re helping preserve the planet’s resources for the future, and ultimately saving yourself money in the process. It’s a win for the environment as well as your back pocket.

Often times, emergencies, either man-made or natural, can cause a blackout. This deprives you of energy for a few hours and in some situations, even days or weeks. In such instances, your solar batteries are really going to play a role in providing you with the energy to make it through trying times. A single solar power battery lets you survive on a day-to-day basis.

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