Commercial Solar

Australian businesses looking to reduce their energy costs have likely wondered whether it’s worth investing in rooftop solar. In the last 10 years, power prices have doubled in Australia and are expected to increase by another 4% per annum over the next five years. Commercial solar, once considered an expensive alternative power source, has now become increasingly cost-effective and one of the safest investments of 2021. In fact, latest figures reveal Australian businesses currently utilizing rooftop solar are saving up to 31% of their energy costs compared to businesses using the grid.

Electricity is a significant operating cost for most businesses, many of which use the bulk of their power during daylight hours. This aligns perfectly with solar, as your business can use all the energy that is produced at the time of generation. Installing solar PV panels on your roof will reduce the amount of power the business uses from the grid, which means lower energy bills. In most cases an investment in solar energy can generate quick payback and long-term savings. In fact, most businesses will recoup the cost of their solar investment in just a few short years. If you’re looking for a way to significantly reduce your business energy costs and achieve a ROI in just a few years, then investing in commercial solar panels is worth considering.

Lastly, going solar means you will be reducing your business’ carbon footprint. While your investment may be purely for financial reasons, many of your customers care deeply about creating a greener and cleaner world for future generations. Promoting your new environmentally-friendly status can help generate new business and referrals.

Advantages of Commercial Solar

Increase Customer Loyalty

Going solar not only helps you save more on your energy bills but also it helps you to build a loyal customer base. Customers get a unique satisfaction that they are playing their part to save the environment. A 30 kW solar system allows you to reduce a whopping 40 tonnes of CO2 Every Year!

Reduce the reliance on your energy provider

You will meet your energy needs with the electricity your solar power system has generated. By generating and storing your energy, which creates a buffer against ever-increasing electricity prices.

Not only can you reduce what you pay for your electricity, but you can also get paid for any surplus power you generate by supplying it to the grid. This is called a ‘feed-in-tariff’.

Property value increase

If you’re looking to sell your business, the installation of solar power systems can increase its value. Installing a solar system will result in an increased value of your commercial property as new buyers will not have to worry about the initial investment or installation costs

Based on surveys, most Australians think that solar panels add value to a property, and estimates suggest that a 15kW solar panel installation could add around $59,000 to the value of a house. That’s a bright investment.

Low maintenance costs

Solar power systems generally don’t require a lot of maintenance. You only need to keep them relatively clean; cleaning them a couple of times per year will do the job.

After covering the initial cost of the solar system, you can expect very little spending on maintenance and repair work. The average cost of an annual inspection with a qualified inspector is about $150.

Availability of Finance

Plenty of finance options are now available, which requires zero upfront payment and thus making most household's solar dream a reality.

So now instead of paying the high electricity bills divert your funds to solar loan repayments and after a few years enjoy your free sun's energy.

Great Return On Investment

The ongoing high solar rebates (which is reducing every year) and high feed-in-tariffs mean switching to solar now is super affordable.

Furthermore, plenty of interest-free financing options and our 25-year solar performance Warranty make going solar a no-brainer.


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